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The magnificent craft in the pics below landed at Terrapin  on April 24th.  It had kind of a rough landing and is in need of some minor repair but it's truly magnificent.  The electric personell admission device can be viewed in one of the pics below.  HEY NOW.... there are new pics here as of 7/24/98!! Check em out....especially the landing (:  Addtionally, check out the perspective pic.  This is in response to people saying that the spaceship looks small.  It will comfortably sleep six.


ATTENTION: We are searching for more information about the company that manufactured this home (Futuro), or of the existence of any other of these homes.  The links below contain images of a September 1970 Playboy article featuring this Futuro Home and a letter from Playboy.  Please click HERE if you can help us! General comments are also welcome.
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 Playboy Article #3 (225K)
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